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Patriotic Piano Concert

Patriotic Piano Concert


Patriotic Favorites Piano Concert features classical music, sing-along patriotic anthems and favorites, ragtime tunes, and several patriotic hymns.


When you purchase one of my pre-recorded concerts, it will be sent as an unlisted YouTube link.  You can show it to residents in a group or on individual screens.  This concert would belong to your community and you can play this concert as many times as you'd like, at any

time!  Sing-along lyrics will be on the screen.


To download and print the corresponding program (song list) for this concert, visit the "Concerts" page of my website.  There is a list of concerts along with each program PDF file for easy access.

If you have any issues with viewing/opening the concert, please call  me at (804) 332-1124.  You can also email me at and I will help you. 


I hope the music brings you joy!

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