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"Our residents love your program so much!" - Oak Hammock Activities Director, FL

"The residents thoroughly love you!" - The Culpeper Activities Director, VA

"I just want to let you know about the wonderful review I received from a resident.  This woman said your music was just beautiful and she absolutely loved your concert.  Your playing was exceptional and she really can’t wait to hear more!" - Homewood at Frederick Activities Director, MD

"I wanted to share with you that all of our residents loved your virtual Irish Inspirations piano concert.  This was our first virtual concert since Covid-19 and the residents couldn't stop commenting on your performance." - Valley VNA Activities Director, WI

Concerts for Retirement Communities

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Are you looking for a memorable musical experience

for your residents?  Host an interactive virtual piano

concert with me!

When you purchase one of my pre-recorded concerts, it

will be sent as an unlisted YouTube link.  You can

show it to residents in a group or on individual screens.

This concert would belong to your community and you

can play this concert as many times as you'd like, at any

time!  Sing-along lyrics will be on the screen.

What you'll get when you purchase a concert:

  • An hour-long piano concert featuring classical music, sing-along favorites, folk songs, popular songs, ragtime, jazz, boogie, patriotic music, gospel hymns, and various holiday themes

  • Historical backgrounds and information about each piece

  • A digital file of the concert program for you to print/distribute/display

Here is a list of my current programs (and PDF links to view songs in each program):













1. Classical Comforts Piano Concert: features classical music, Americana sing-along folk songs, popular songs, ragtime/boogie, patriotic music, and gospel hymns.

This concert is available for FREE on Youtube!  Check it out here:

I hope your residents enjoy the music!

4. Irish Inspirations Piano Concert: features classical music, Americana sing-along folk songs, ragtime/jazz, patriotic, Irish ballads, jigs, and favorites, and several hymns in an Irish setting.

5. Broadway Showtunes Piano Concert: features classical music, a wide variety of sing-along Broadway showtunes that spans the decades, and gospel hymn favorites.

8. Patriotic Favorites Piano Concert: features classical music, sing-along patriotic anthems and favorites, ragtime tunes, and several patriotic hymns. 

3. Songs of Love Piano Concert: features romantic classical music, popular love songs from different eras, the best love songs of Broadway, and some love-themed gospel songs.

2. A Walk Down Memory Lane Concert: features classical music, popular favorites and folk tunes that will stir up memories of days gone by, and classic gospel hymns.

6. Springtime Songs & Showtunes Piano Concert (Broadway Part 2): features springtime classical music, a wide variety of different sing-along Broadway showtunes that spans the decades, and Easter-themed gospel hymn favorites. 

7. Mother's Day Concert: features relaxing classical music, popular favorites that center around motherhood, jazz tunes, and springtime hymn arrangements.

9. Summertime Serenades: features classical music, summertime favorites, hits from the Beach Boys, and gospel hymns.

10. Ragtime, Boogie & Jazz Piano Concert: features classical music, Americana sing-along folk songs, ragtime, boogie, and jazz favorites, and several hymns in a ragtime setting.

12. A Tribute to the Armed Forces Concert: features patriotic marches, sing-along patriotic anthems and favorites, patriotic historical information about the pieces, ragtime tunes, and patriotic hymns.

11. The '50s, '60s, and '70s Piano Concert: features classical music, the best sing-along hits from the '50s, '60s, and '70s, some boogie music, and gospel favorites. 

13. Faith-Filled Favorites: features meaningful hymns, hymn stories, and beautiful gospel arrangements along with classical music and popular favorites.

17. Christmas Carols & Favorites Piano Concert: features sing-along Christmas carols and artistic, beautiful arrangements of Christmas hymns and favorites.

14. It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing: Big Band Hits: features classical music, the best of big band from artists like Duke Ellington, the Glenn Miller Orchestra, and Ella Fitzgerald, jazz tunes, and gospel hymn arrangements. 

15. Frank Sinatra & Friends: Crooners of the 50's and 60's: features classical music, popular hits from artists like Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Nat King Cole, ragtime/boogie, and gospel hymn arrangements

16. A Classical Celebration! features the best classical music from a variety of eras, historical information about each composer including pictures of those composers on the screen, a sing-along section in the middle so that your residents can sing-along, and some gospel hymns that are woven together with classical pieces

18. A Classical Christmas: features traditional sing-along carols mixed with holiday classical music, a perfect pairing for a Christmas party! 

My concerts are performed on a high-quality keyboard using a microphone.  Pre-recorded concerts are edited for best sound quality.

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